As a crucial member of the respected Full Cycle and Reprazent stables, Suv has undoubtedly contributed his fair share to the development of Drum n Bass and definitely to the sound of Bristol. A member of the seminal 1989 group Fresh Four who burst onto the scene with 'Wishing On A Star', Suv has continued to carve a musical journey both as a solo producer and part of larger conglomerates with Roni Size, Krust and Die always with the intent to break new ground. Having listened to everything from Bob Marley to David Bowie growing up in the UK,
Suv brings a truly urbane, open-minded sense to his musical productions.

Never afraid to look into the past and routes seldom explored, Suv's Desert Rose EP kicked up a storm with its release. Borrowing influences from Latin, Brazilian, Hindu and Moroccan grooves, the EP was caned by everyone from the likes of Grooverider and Fabio to eclectic leftfield DJs like Gilles Peterson and John Peel, proving that good Drum n Bass can appeal to both the serious headz as well as anyone who appreciates good music. Mixing up these Asian and Flamenco-inspired themes with his trademark Bristol dubby sounds has definitely given Suv a new dimension - one that saw him follow up the EP with Follow The Sun. Like its precursor, the EP delves into uncharted territory in terms of fresh rhythms.

On a more dancefloor-orientated front, Suv has been churning out a number of tracks that as always have made people sit up and pay attention. His single, Do You Remember Me, a release employing the vocal talents of New Zealand's MC Tali,guy calhoun on guitar and Hannah Porter on flute has been causing some serious damage on dance floors worldwide up to this very day. When Suv's got time from his V Recording, Fullcycle, & Reprazent duties, he has his own label to work on called Playside. Playside releases represent the signature Suv sound that you'll hear in his DJ sets - these are tracks that may not fit the Fullcycle or V Recordings mould. As Suv as a DJ plays like no other DJ, his open mindedness and willingness to open peoples minds and play a wider range of music has made him the DJ producer he is today.

Suv has a few diferent projects on the move at the mo, one of them being Rhythm and Bass, or R'n'Bass as he calls it. Suv met Don-e, an RnB artist and formed a brand new sound mixing the RnB styles of Don-e with Suv's Drum n Bass to form Rhythm n Bass. They're currently working on an album called Rhythm n Bass to show the nation once again that Drum n Bass can be musical yet still hard. Suv once more finds that equilibrium between hard dance floor beats and music for the soul...

Also available is this years summer hit SKY on Sidechain-Music. Check out to buy SUVMUSIC go to ITunes etcSUV has curently hooked up with goodlooking soundtrax legend BIG BUD to combine the bristol fullcycle Suv sound with the smooth liquid flavors of big bid. SOL FOOD as it is tilted is out now . also in the manic time table of Suv he has been working with charitys and foundations to help and suport morrocan artist mixing and recording in the south of spain to again produce a fusion of trax with the andalucian sound and north africa.. check out Conexionarte.. world music with a new electronic flavor .once again mixing cultures and people together as this is a big part of Suv mission beleaving music is the first tounge of this planet .

SUV has reciently got back from south america where he is working with musicians from Chile called HUAIKA working on ohter things apart from his drum n bass and mixing electronic music with folk and traditional music from south americas. watch this space for SUWAIKA . To send Suv music the drop box adress is