Paul T & Edward Oberon 'Move' with Frank Carter III

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Paul T & Edward Oberon make a triumphant return to V Recordings, following their highly acclaimed collaboration with 80's soul legend Jaki Graham on 'Reminisce.' Their latest single, 'Move,' features the unparalleled talents of Frank H. Carter III.

Masters at blending soulful vibes with gritty basslines and riffs, Paul & Ed have carved a unique niche for themselves in the dynamic world of Drum & Bass. Their electrifying performances at renowned festivals and events such as Glastonbury, Hospitality, Planet V, Boomtown, Outlook, and Shambala have introduced their sounds to new audiences this year. Their impressive track record of chart-toppers, including standout releases like 'Moon in Your Eyes' with Serum and 'Wake Up' with A Little Sound, underscores their ability to infuse both emotional depth and high-octane energy into their music.

US artist Frank H. Carter III, based in Queens, NY, a seasoned presence in the Drum & Bass realm, adds a distinctive vocal dimension to 'Move.' His extensive portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed labels such as Critical Music, The North Quarter, Spearhead, and Metalheadz. Collaborations with visionary artists like Ivy Lab, Enei, and Satl have cemented his reputation as a formidable force in the genre.

This collaboration represents the perfect fusion of Paul T & Edward Oberon's signature style and Frank H. Carter III's vocal finesse. Get ready to groove and 'Move'!