Paul & Ed team up with Shay Novelle on Cherish

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'Cherish' is the electrifying new single from the dynamic drum & bass duo Paul T & Edward Oberon, featuring the sensational vocals of Shady Novelle. This release marks Shady's triumphant return to V Recordings, following her debut alongside Mozey and Dynamite MC back in 2021. With its blend of heartfelt vocals and low slung b-lines, 'Cherish' captures the spirit of connection and nostalgia.

Paul T & Edward Oberon are no strangers to the drum & bass scene, known for their signature blend of soulful melodies and the speaker destroying basslines, having graced the decks at festivals like Outlook, Boomtown & Glastonbury, as well as countless clubs shows around the UK, Europe and beyond. Shady Novelle brings her unique vocal talents to 'Cherish', her voice imbuing the track with a depth of emotion that complements the sonic landscape created by Paul & Edward. Raised in London with a rich musical heritage that traces back to Belfast, Shady's journey in music has been marked by a passionate exploration of her vocal abilities, culminating in a style that is both distinctive and captivating.

Released on V Recordings, a label synonymous with innovation in drum & bass for over three decades, 'Cherish' stands as a testament to the label's enduring legacy and its commitment to championing the soulful, progressive sounds of drum & bass. As V Recordings continues to break barriers and set trends, 'Cherish' represents the latest milestone in its storied history, promising to be a memorable addition to the drum & bass canon.