Philly Blunt is back!

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Returning to Philly Blunt Records for his first solo single on the label since 2013, we're thrilled to announce the triumphant return of Bladerunner. As a cornerstone of the genre and a member of the revered 'Kings of The Rollers' collective, Bladerunner always delivers! With a discography spanning prestigious labels like Souped Up, Dread, Critical, and V, he consistently produces club-certified anthems that ignite dancefloors worldwide.

Crafted with precision and infused with raw passion, 'Chronic / Straight Up' embodies the essence of Bladerunner's original jungle sound. From his early days as a teenager, honing his craft in the heart of East Anglia, to his current status as a drum and bass icon, his journey through the music industry is as much a testament to his talent as it is to his unwavering commitment. Rooted in a family lineage that includes his father, the reggae artist and pioneering Radio 1 DJ The Man Ezeke, Bladerunner's connection to the music runs deep, shaping his vision and driving his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Philly Blunt Records, a label deeply entrenched in the rich history of the Drum and Bass scene a storied legacy within the jungle and drum and bass community. A sister label of the legendary V Recordings, Philly Blunt Records played a pivotal role in pushing the early Bristol sound alongside Full Cycle Records and Dope Dragon. The label's output from 1994 to 1997, featuring iconic tracks like Leviticus' 'Burial', Dillinja's 'Sky', Firefox's Buck Rogers and countless others remain etched in the annals of jungle history. With its resurrection in the late 2000s, Philly Blunt continued to champion the junglistic approach that defined its inception, attracting both seasoned veterans and brand new artists.

As 'Chronic / Straight Up' makes its debut on Philly Blunt Records, join us as we celebrate the return of a D&B Jungle legend and the first in a new run of Fresh Blunts for 2024.