Dub Can't Hide with Level 2

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Pedro "Level 2" Lima has been quietly making waves in the underground scene over the past 12 months, leaving no doubt about his rising influence. His arsenal of smooth gold rollers and dub-infused basslines has garnered support from a diverse array of artists, including heavyweights like Watch The Ride, DJ Marky, Lens, Andy C, Randall, Degs, Technimatic, Grooverider, Zed's Dead, and many more!

Hailing from the illustrious D&B scene of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Pedro Lima has been a steadfast presence in the V Recordings family since his debut on Liquid V back in 2009. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical tapestry of his surroundings, Pedro has crafted a unique sound that blends elements of funk, reggae, and Bristol-style rollers. This distinctive style seamlessly aligns with the path paved by the many legends of V before him.

In recent years, his collaboration with DJ Chap gave birth to Alibi, a project that added emotional depth and darker, techier elements to his signature raw and rolling style. Their album 'Said & Done' marked a high point in his journey with Alibi. However, in 2022, Pedro resurrected his Level 2 persona, releasing a series of solo works that not only continue his musical legacy but also harness years of experience and artistic growth to explore exciting new horizons.