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Continuing his journey with Liquid V, Carlito, the seasoned Drum & Bass craftsman, returns with his fourth single, "Savanna Rain / Ow Yeah," paving the way for his much-anticipated album. This release further cements Carlito's distinctive style, effortlessly blending intense rhythms with soulful vibes.

"Savanna Rain" is a sonic journey through lush soundscapes, pulsating with the rhythm of a warm rain over the plains. True to Carlito's knack for creating atmospheric Drum & Bass, this track is like a breath of fresh air. On the flip side, "Ow Yeah" delivers an energy-infused burst of classic Carlito beats.

Carlito, also known as James Mitton Wade, has been a key figure in the Drum & Bass scene since his first release back in '92. His work as part of Essence of Aura, Carlito & Addiction, Guardians of Dalliance, and as a solo artist has graced many prestigious labels such as Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Defunked, and Hospital Records. With a discography spanning decades, his music remains fresh and relevant, maintaining a timeless quality that sets him apart.

This release adds another dimension to the vibrant narrative of Carlito's musical journey, with his upcoming album on Liquid V promising to deliver even more of his signature sound. If you're a fan of his previous singles on the label, "Savanna Rain / Ow Yeah" is a must-listen. Get ready to be captivated by the classic Carlito sound, reimagined and refined for the next generation of Drum & Bass enthusiasts.

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