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PB001X - VINYL 4 tracks

Limited edition Gold Vinyl pressing
12" Vinyl £19.99

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Limited edition gold vinyl repress of Leviticus' monumental track, 'Burial', remastered for 2023 and back on its original home Philly Blunt, this classic has never sounded or looked so good! 12" gold vinyl housed in a full-colour sleeve with gold foil!

This release resurrects the original mixes alongside the iconic remixes from the '90s, encapsulating a significant chapter in the Jungle movement. This landmark release not only signifies a pivotal era in Jungle music but also marks the inaugural release on Philly Blunt Records, kicking things off as we meant to go on!

In the early '90s, the jungle scene was set ablaze with 'Burial', a track crafted in Dillinja's home studio under the collaborative genius of Jumpin Jack Frost, operating under the moniker Leviticus. The original mixes, 'Madamoselle' and 'Lovers Rock', resonated with rare groove and reggae influences that propelled the track to become an anthem at the Notting Hill Carnival, eventually catching the ear of Pete Tong who facilitated a mainstream release on FFRR the following year.

The remixes encapsulate the collaborative spirit of the era, with Dillinja, Roni Size, and DJ Krust teaming up for the 'Combination Mix', and Ray Keith lending his touch to the 'Tearing Terrorist Mix'. Released in the '90s post the FFRR signing, these remixes added a fresh narrative to the 'Burial' story.

Reflecting on the creation of 'Burial', Jumpin Jack Frost recalls, "I went to Dillinja's house with the two records, and that was it. We got a beat running and sampled the Mademoiselle "oooh" part first... it just made itself. I was the producer and Dillinja was the engineer... After hearing it a hundred times while we were making it, I thought it was good but I didn't quite know if it was good enough to start playing to the boys. First of all, I made a dubplate with my name in it so I could test it playing it out; I think I played it at Roast and everyone went nuts."

Bryan Gee, reflecting on the track's impact said "If you're talking top ten jungle tracks then 'Burial' has got to be in there. You can play it to anyone outside of the jungle scene and they know it."

This gold vinyl repress is a journey back to the roots of Jungle, offering a tangible piece of Drum & Bass history for enthusiasts and new listeners alike. The profound impact of 'Burial' transcended the Jungle scene, finding resonance across various music genres and remains a testament to the genre's versatility and broad appeal.

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