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BBH060LP - VINYL  + WAV DOWNLOAD 12 tracks

3 x 12" Vinyl £29.99

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Legend of the Brazilian scene, DJ Andy, has assembled some of the brightest lights, and hottest rising stars of the Brazilian Drum & Bass family and brought them all together on one huge compilation!

"When we talk about Brazil we don't just mean Rio de Janeiro, samba, beaches and football. This compilation has music for all tastes. We are 100% connected." - DJ Andy

With this strength in depth available to him in the community, DJ Andy's managed to draw together 20 tracks that reflect the full range of what this music has to offer. You'll hear influences from multiple genres, you'll hear the darkness and the light, the vibrancy and the viciousness. If you thought 'Brazilian D&B' was confined to one particular sound, you'd better brace yourself for some powerful suprises.

As DJ Andy says himself, "I wanted to show that our songs can be heard everywhere. At festivals, nightclubs, at parties with friends, while travelling and even as a dinner soundtrack."

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