Born and raised in Bristol D Product was immersed in music at school, and he's been building things for as long as he can remember. Not surprising then that the child grew into the technical engineer and musical producer he is today. D Product left school and started raving and in 1994 he went into a three-way partnership on a studio in Redland and grasped the basics of production. Getting a job in ABC Music taught him about musical technology. As well as selling studio equipment he was soon technologically proficient and would help regular customers, like Roni Size, install their new equipment.

In 1996, a mutual friend introduced him to Roni on a social level and a friendship was formed. D Product started sending tapes to Roni, who was impressed - not only with his production skills but also with his sensible business manner. Soon his tunes were being pressed to dubplate and the sound of D Product hit the ravers' ears. Bryan Gee picked up 'Faithless' for the Planet V album - so D Product's first release was on V Recordings in 1997. Soon after came his Full Cycle releases 'Balanced'/'Space Horn' followed by 'Telementry'/'Written Off'.

In 1998 D Product left the job at the music store. Naturally he wondered where to go from there but he didn't have to wonder long. Just two weeks later he received a phone call from Mr Size asking if he would be the engineer for the Breakbeat Era Ultra Obscene album. Gladly accepting his offer D Product never looked back. He became a permanent fixture, using his technical skills on In the Mode, Through the Eyes and every other ensuing Full Cycle project.

'I make sure everything is installed and working properly so that Roni is clear just to make music. I also help with the final mix downs - Roni does the ground work and I polish it so it sparkles." As well as his engineering work he spent time in the studio putting together his own tracks. Soon he had a stack of tracks and realised there was potential for an album.

His album, Process of One on Fullcycle Records was released in 2002. 'Process of One wasn't really a long term plan - it just kind of happened. It made itself."After the album Product concentrated on raising his profile as a DJ. He took lots of bookings and the requests for remixes came flooding in. In 2002/3 he enjoyed a regular spot at the Full Cycle residency in Belgium. 2003 saw studio time spent on recording, mixing and editing Roni's "Return To V" album.